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Lex & Lana FanVideos

Lex & Lana Community and FanVid Group
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Welcome to the Lex/Lana Fan Video Community.

This is for all the artistically inclined who are into video and editing, of course purely out of fandom for Smallville.

Although this is primarily a fan video site, it's mostly for those who appreciate the characters Lex Luthor & Lana Lang.

All I ask is that everyone remember to:

1. NOT directly hotlink. Please use your own personal servers. Also, this is for original fanvideos. If you find a Lex/Lana fan video you love give credit to the person who compiled/made it.

2. In viewing any video to RIGHT-CLICK your mouse. "save target as..." *the name of video should be automatically provided.* and SAVE. This is important because it saves the person who is hosting the video their bandwidth. If anyone is wondering what that means exactly...simply put: when you click on a video to play automatically, it takes up space/energy from the host server (example: angelfire or geocities), the less bandwidth, the less amount of people are able to access the video/file. Saving it to your comp, lessens the bandwidth amount.

3. If you are presenting a video, please use an LJ-CUT if you want to add details or information about the video. Example: Title: A Night To Remember. (lj-cut) Summary: Lex and Lana meet in Paris. Music: Dido "Life for Rent". (end LJ-CUT). The purpose of this is for people who don't want details about it, and care to see it with an unbiased opinion.

4. In giving critism for the video, please remember to not be harsh but constructive. Simply saying, "the song sucks in the video" doesn't really explain how it could be done better, but comes off as insulting.

5. Extension for video submissions to contests/challenges are available as long as you post at least 24 hours ahead of time.

6. Never, under any circumstances, take another person's video and use large clips for your own creation. A majority of people spend lots of hours making these videos. If you need a clip or some ideas about how to create a certain effect, let us know. We have some in-depth experience with making fanvids, and can help you out :)

7. This is the most important one of them all...Always have FUN :D